Toolkit: Creating Accessible Family Care Spaces at Indigenous Cultural Events


Diona Buck, BS

Release Date:

February 23, 2024


The purpose of creating this guide to establishing Family Care Spaces at Indigenous cultural events is rooted in fostering inclusivity, preserving family cultural traditions, and promoting community well-being. Recognizing the significance of family bonds within Indigenous communities, this guide provides helpful recommendations and strategies for implementing and designing Family Care Spaces that cater to the unique needs of caregivers and their children during cultural events. By offering practical insight into planning, design, and cultural considerations, this guide seeks to enhance the overall experience for families, ensuring they feel supported and valued. Additionally, this guide emphasizes the importance of community engagement, acknowledging the collaborative effort of Indigenous Community programs and members to ensure the success and sustainability of Family Care Spaces. Ultimately this guide serves as a resource to empower Indigenous Communities in creating environments that not only accommodate the diverse needs of families but also honor and celebrate Indigenous family values.


Download the toolkit here!