MOMS Program — Year 4 Report

The Montana Obstetric and Maternal Support program (MOMS) was initiated on September
30, 2019, by a five-year grant awarded to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human
Services (DPHHS) by the Health Resource Services Administration (HRSA) through the State Maternal
Health Innovation (MHI) Program (HRSA-19-107) to address Montana’s concerning rates of maternal
morbidity and mortality. MOMS aims to respond to Montana’s unique rural healthcare challenges
by connecting local providers to obstetric, perinatal, mental health, and substance use specialists
who provide expert consultation, training, and support to help providers deliver effective prenatal,
delivery, and postpartum care.
MOMS is implemented through the leadership of the primary grantee, the Title V Maternal and Child
Health Block Grant program in the Family and Community Health Bureau (FCHB) within the Early
Childhood & Family Support Division (ECFSD) at DPHHS. Two subgrantees, Billings Clinic and the
University of Montana (UM), also lead the MOMS project. The grantee and subgrantees implement
the MOMS workplan through a team of staff and contractors, as well as through partnerships with
statewide entities, such as the Montana Hospital Association, the Montana Primary Care Association,
Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Montana, the Montana Maternal Mortality Review Committee, the
Montana Perinatal Quality Collaborative, and local clinics, providers, and other stakeholders.

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