HHS Announces New Reports and Grant Program Addressing the Health Needs of Pregnant Women and Children Affected by Substance Use

HHS and the Biden-Harris Administration are committed to improving maternal and child health outcomes, as well as services for families affected by substance use. Already, HHS has taken actions outlined in the ASPE reports. Some of these actions are listed below.

  • The American Rescue Plan included for the first time an option for states to expand postpartum coverage for 12 months after birth, which could substantially improve access to substance use screening and treatment.
  • Continuous insurance coverage during the prenatal and postpartum periods is critical for engaging women in treatment and recovery. Women affected by substance use are at the highest risk for relapse in the postpartum period.
  • HHS most recently approved extended Medicaid postpartum coverage in Virginia.
  • HHS led the development of a new, standard clinical definition for opioid withdrawal in infants, which will help improve both the diagnosis and care of infants experiencing withdrawal from prenatal substance exposure
  • The HHS Overdose Prevention Strategy emphasizes the importance of integrated care and combating stigma associated with substance use, which may discourage people from seeking care during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Read the new ASPE reports here and here.

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