MOMS Project ECHO Case Presentations

Case-based discussions are a key component in the Project ECHO model and are critically important for knowledge building and sharing. We welcome cases that involve common clinical scenarios related to perinatal care as well as difficult, complex or challenging presentations and patient management scenarios.

MOMS Project ECHO case presentations must be submitted prior to a teleECHO clinic so that MOMS staff has time to assure all patient protected health information (PHI) is removed so that cases remain deidentified.

Case submission is easy and only takes a few minutes!


Case Submission Form

MOMS Project ECHO Participant Guide

MOMS has created a Project ECHO Participant Guide to provide a detailed overview of MOMS Project ECHO Clinics as well as information on the general function and benefits of Project ECHO Clinics for providers.

Project ECHO Participant Guide

MOMS Project ECHO Participant Evaluations

Your evaluations are an invaluable resource! We rely on your feedback to create the best learning experience for Project ECHO participants. We appreciate your participation and want to ensure our clinics meet your needs. All evaluations are anonymous.

MOMS Project ECHO Clinics should be evaluated in regard to the following objectives:

Upon completion of Project ECHO clinic, attendees should be able to:

  • Demonstrate ways to engage in peer-to-peer education regarding perinatal care
  • Identify appropriate treatment options for perinatal care
  • Describe appropriate medication management for perinatal care
  • Better assist providers to treat patients where they live

Please take a few moments to complete the participant form after you’ve attended your next ECHO clinic.

Evaluation Form