American Indian Maternal Child Health Webinar Series

In August of 2022, the Maternal Health Learning and Innovation Center (MHILIC) partnered with Dr. Donald Warne from Johns Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health, previously University of North Dakota.

Dr. Warne recorded this American Indian Webinar Series consisting of three videos about American Indian maternal health in the United States.

American Indian Data & Data Sovereignty (length 27:46)

In which he:

  • Defines terms such as American Indian/Alaska Native, Native American, and Indigenous;
  • Describes data sources related to American Indian health;
  • Discusses American Indian/Alaska Native maternal health disparities, and
  • Explores data sovereignty.

Evidence-Based and Evidence-Informed MCH Strategies (length 23:53)

In which he:

  • Defines and discusses historical trauma, boarding schools, ACEs and toxic stress;
  • Explores the relationship between history and the current health of American Indians, and
  • Describes evidence-based best practices and evidence-informed practices for American Indian populations.

Tribal Community Engagement and Building Trust (length 27:25)

In which he:

  • Provides an overview of American Indian/Alaska Native demographics;
  • Defines tribes and tribal sovereignty;
  • Discusses the relationships between history, culture, and health;
  • Describes land acknowledgements, and
  • Discusses community engagement.

Watch the series here!